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Whether you are seeking body transformation or steps to better your health and wellness, personal training sessions can guide you throughout your fitness journey. Our personal trainers work alongside you to develop a unique physical fitness program guaranteed to help you realize the positive benefits of exercise. They’ll help you find the right exercises, intensity and duration that you’ll need to succeed.

No matter the type of workout you prefer, personal training can help you develop the perfect program for you. Our trainers can combine aerobics, cardio training, strength, flexibility, functional training, or even low impact routines for seniors with our Silver Sneakers program to develop a routine that keeps you motivated to complete your next workout.

We offer all new members a complimentary assessment and one hour of personal training.

Personal Training Packages at our Newtown Square health club include::

  • 30-60 minute training
  • Partner Training
  • Small Group Training (SGT)
  • Youth Training; individual or small group for any sport
  • In home training from the comfort of your home or office

Call today to schedule your complimentary assessment and the first hour of personal training at Ellis Athletic Center! For additional information about personal training packages and applicable fees, call our fitness center at (484) 200-7774.