Small Group Training, one-on-one attention with direct results

If you have a small group or team who is looking for a better way to reach your fitness goals, our small group fitness training sessions might be exactly what you need. Instead of hitting the gym on your own, you can train as a group, pushing each other to reach that next goal. Small group training is excellent for motivation and helps you stay accountable to each other for your progress. Whether you are a group of friends who want to motivate each other to get into shape or you are a team of athletes you want to reach the next level of performance, we have the facility and trainers that you need.

Let Our Personal Trainers Tailor a Program to Your Fitness Needs

During this personal group exercise experience, one of our experienced personal trainers will work alongside you. Throughout the session, the personal trainer will guide you through the routine and encourage each member of your group to push themselves and perform their best. We limit the class size to just four to eight people so our personal trainers can adjust the exercises as needed for your individual fitness levels and make sure you are getting the personal attention that you need to stay challenged and motivated.

Are you ready for this incredible experience? We have openings for small group fitness training sessions available now. Contact our team by giving us a call or reaching out to us through our website and we’ll connect you with a personal trainer who can help you meet those fitness goals.


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