Age Is Just A Number

“At 56 years old retired teacher, and minister Vinny Russo was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. What he would later call a ‘gift from his father’ led to his triple bypass surgery a year later. Vinny had eleven blocked arteries, over 90% blockage, and had seven stents installed. Following surgery, Vinny made the decision to take charge of his life, and joined Ellis Athletic Center.

Nearly ten years later, Vinny can do eight pull-ups, he’s lost two inches off of his waist, weighs eight pounds lighter than he has in his entire working life, and is in the best cardiac health he’s been in since his surgery. “You don’t choose when you’re going to die. How you live between life and death: That’s your choice!” Vinny exclaimed. After stating how he’s been off all major medications, and on the lowest dosage available for the two minor pharmaceuticals he takes.

Vinny started working out casually in his mid-forties, training in Kenpo, (An American Martial Art) and occasionally attending the gym. It wasn’t until after his surgery he started to get serious about living his life to the fullest. “The more money and time you spend at the gym, the less time and money you’re spending in the hospital,” Vinny says his biggest motivator is the community and staff at Ellis. The ability to come into a place and have a conversation with the people here matters, and gives him more motivation to push himself further every day.”

Vincent R., Ellis Athletic Center Member