Failure Was Not An Option

“At 220 pounds Chris realized he needed to do something about his weight. In mid-August he started watching his diet, walking, and jogging around the Ellis Preserve Corporate campus. After seeing Chris’s effort his co-worker, Tivon, pushed him over and over to “Get to the gym”. After one month of independent training Chris finally took Tivon up on his offer.

Only three months after joining, and countless miles later Chris lost a total of 53 pounds. After a leg injury two months in, Chris thought he would have to pause his progression. He was proven wrong when consulting with Becca, Ellis’ training manager. She directed him to exercises that used less impact, and allowed him to make progress while still recovering.

“I knew it was bad when I was out of breath tying my shoes” Chris jokes. Location was a big factor for him. On top of giving him something to do on his lunch break, he was able to break up his day and get out of the office. The gym helped a lot Chris says “[Ellis Athletic Center] didn’t allow you to fail. They would help you out when you’d need it. They’d push you to work harder, and every day they would tell you you’ve got to keep going and it makes you want to go.”

Chris is now at his goal weight. He says that his biggest accomplishment (Next to losing 53 pounds) is sticking with his program. Though he’s in his 20s Chris says he feels younger. He’s not as sluggish as he felt before he started, and finds that he isn’t as hesitant with decision making. When asked what he recommends for others starting Chris says “If you accept failure one time in your life, you’ll continue to accept it many times. Failure is not an option”.”


Chris A., Ellis Athletic Center Member