Six Week Challenge – Allissandra McBride

I am so happy that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and signed up for this. My ‘comfort zone’ was becoming a place I was no longer comfortable. With two young kids and very busy husband, I was always worried about caring for them, and wasn’t taking the time to care for myself. I was running 3x a week, but not seeing many results.

Over the 6 week challenge, I lost 10.5lbs and 2.5 in from my waist and improved my overall level of fitness more than I thought I would!

I found myself in the gym 5-6 days a week, and actually missing it on the days I didn’t go! Handing in food logs and being accountable was definitely a key to success for me. I loved working out with Justin and Becca, and I have enjoyed trying different classes.

I would definitely sign up for this again, and would encourage anyone to give it a try. I am surprised how quickly it went by, and crazily I was actually a little sad at the end of the 6 weeks!

Allissandra McBride, Six Week Challenge Participant